AhoAloe is a natural cosmetics product line created with the desire to harness the benefits of aloe vera, known as the queen of medicinal plants. By combining aloe vera with the Amazon rainforest's powerful plants we obtain precious alchemy, some of the best mother nature can offer. A precious knowledge that has been forgotten with the development of industrialized skincare products.

The best nutrition to your body is obtained by combining 100% vegetable ingredients that nourish your skin and hair, while respecting the environment.

We have developed this product line especially for you, since you care about your beauty as much as you care about your health.




In our farm, we make sure ethics and transparency is the base of everything we do.


Starting with our relationship with workers, the preparation of the soil, harvesting and extracting pure aloe vera gel.


We always follows organic guidelines and we never use chemical additives.


Native Ethics


Awakening, as in a longing leap to the ancestral knowledge from the homes of our grandmothers. Close your eyes, imagine: not just the comfort of the hot bread aroma out of the oven and the charm of coffee and its freshness, but yes, all native science of calloused hands in cutting aloes. It's vera, real aloe! 


Whether in the zeal of burns, in the soothing of wounds or even as a balm to the locks of hair, our princess aloe vera has an ancient and unique story when we think about health and well-being. 


With that spirit, we launched our trajectory to rescue these knowledges, translated in essential and natural products, made with preciousness and excellence for celebrate this valuable ingredient.


Primitive nature and primordial cultures are our driving forces and therefore we say: Aho, “so be it”, Mitakuye Oyasin, “for all our relations”; an indigenous greeting, Lakota Sioux, which thrives in the center of our hearts and recognizes his wisdom in the other. Therefore, we believe in a respectful coexistence between beings and elements, understanding that we are part of a great whole. 


Our desire is to share this experience in our creations and inspire senses to realize the grandeur of this knowledge. Welcome to our journey. Aho!

Earth Riches


The seed of our production flourishes the human being link with its natural essence, from the beginning to you, since we germinate our own aloes. In the strength of our aloe vera, the hard care of farmers rests in harmony with the support of the plowed land and the heat of the sun.


Between greens and the Mantiqueira massif, on the banks of the Jaguari Reservoir, in the Serra do Lopo, our farm hangs, which throughout the year thrives on flowers, dividing the space with flocks of hummingbirds and mandaçaias and arapuás bees. The harvest is done by hand, with great care and awareness in recognition of this gift from nature. When the afternoons are over, all this wealth is collected and stored properly to the taken in a little road to Minas Gerais. Right there, very close.


In the “Serra de Carrancas”, off the “Camargos Reservoir”, the Queen Aloe reaches its destination at our partner factory, “Riquezas da Terra”. Our allies, like us, believe that every little effort can go a long way towards contributing to the regeneration of our home, our world. In this way, the formulations developed select the raw materials, considering the renewal of their sources to reduce the impact on the environment.


Our natural, organic and fair-trade assets are worked on processes of minimum energy consumption and less generation of by-products that pose a risk to health and the surroundings. And speaking of assets, we sought, further, in the precipitations of Amazonian biodiversity, some extraordinary notes to compose our symphony.


A noble alchemy, pure magic! Our “balaio” has “andirobas”, “carnaúbas”, “babaçus”, “ucuubas”, “copaíbas” and an extensive range of wonders carefully chosen for you. Eccentric and extravagant, but with therapeutic properties to take your hat off, these ingredients represent the exuberance of our national flora. An encounter of sensations and experiences to feel in the skin, in the hair, in the smiles!

How it all started 


Everything has its beginning. Looking at the presence of aloes in our lives, their healing magic and the heritage of popular cultures rooted in their medicinal leaves, gave us the desire to radiate this really close knowledge to our history. Our relationship with the native and primary domain, which we deposit our fundamental and true values, was the spark of unity to develop our products that would unify these two universes.


That is how we discovered Ahoaloe and its purpose of carrying in its creations a good dose of wisdom, spirituality, well-being and communion with the nature that protects us.

Our Alchemy


The use of rich assets encapsulated in various plant species for medicine and therapeutic purposes is ancient, as old as the very presence of human beings on the planet. In its origin, and for a long time, this was the only source and foundation of what we could call cosmetics today. With the learning of the synthesis of the essential principles, transforming these assets into new substances, this ancestral wisdom was lost in the wonder and promises of immediate results and miraculous effects of these new elements.


It didn't take long for the disappointment to arrive, the vital force of the ingredients of nature to be reassessed and its appreciation to become the fascination of the time again, after all no synthetic similar managed to achieve the plurality of benefits present in a single natural compound.


Discover a little bit of our sanctuary of oils and botanical extracts combined with our green chemistry, pure and full of enchantments selected with much respect and love for you.

Aloe in Ancient Times


Navigating through memory is an exercise to strengthen our awareness and expand our worldview. Knowing where we are and what are our possible roles in the great spectacle of life is essential to make the most of it. That’s why we love to tell stories and exchange experiences. Of course, our protagonist could not be other than the jovial princess Aloe. Jovial yes, but not that young.


Once upon a time, about four thousand years ago, in a distant kingdom in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf, ancient Sumerian, a priest who registered on medicinal clay tablets, in the city of Nippur, the medicinal properties of aloe vera. Well, well, look what a honor! In the first writings of humanity, Empress Aloe made an illustrious and fruitful debut. 


Proceeding, around three thousand years ago, further south and west, in the sacred blocks of Thebes of Ancient Egypt, amid the burning sands and the overflow of the Nile, our heroine was detailed by the precise hands of the scribes on the walls of the temples and inscribed on papyrus in magic formulas. Recognized as the blood of the gods, the sublime and imposing Aloe was consecrated celebrity among the royal dynasties. Balms, ointments and elixirs were exquisite from their pulp to serve the beauty of Cleopatra and Nefertiti.


To rest from the incandescent sun of the pyramids, the green and succulent nymph takes on to the paths of India. Dressed as the girl goddess Kumari, symbol of untouchable purity, our child divinity radiates its strength to treat and cure the disharmonies of the menstrual cycle and soften the skin ailments. From the Himalayas to Kerala, little Aloe is the fierce breath of feminine energies.


Of Kumari's discreet loves, none were as big as Alexandre Magno's. Without resisting Aloe's delights, the Macedonian prince is said to have conquered an entire island, Socotra, in the eastern tip of Africa, only to have the plant with him. Two and a half thousand years ago, in his battles, his great asset was to supply his troops with large reserves of precious mucilage to heal the wounds of his warriors.


No territory has become a border for our beloved plant. Through the four winds, she sowed her myriad wonders and gelatinous vigor to soothe, harmonize, heal and care for the evils and wounds. From Chinese civilization and its emperors to Central America from the Mayan Halachs, from the Seminole shamans of North America to the nuclear atrocity of Hiroshima, the aloe vera's healing breath and vital fiber have always been rooted as a sign of hope. 


(Aloe Barbadensis)

Juicy and always alive, a majestic goddess of all flavours. Catchy queen of beauty and vanity, this thorny richness will fascinate you from head to toe. Throughout history, monarchs and sovereigns have bowed to their therapeutic magic. Its crystalline gelatin, a gem of cures and spells, seduced the most powerful and wise on the planet.


Of an exuberant gray-green, this nymph with bulky and serrated limbs is one of the oldest medicinal plants still in existence and unique in the concentration of health benefits. Stubborn and perennial, its sap stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the tissues, fighting expression lines, giving support to the epidermis and providing resistance to the early appearance of wrinkles.


The coveted nectar of its leaves has anti-inflammatory, healing and calming virtues. These properties discourages infections and skin disorders such as rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. For these and other reasons aloe is indicated for the treatment of burns and acne. Soft and smooth, its astringent action balances the hydrolipidic function of the skin and its humectant power captures the water molecules in the cells, favoring the absorption of nutrients more easily.


In the hair, the miraculous green is an intense moisturiser of the strands with an extraordinary penetrability, which makes them always soft and flexible, preventing breakage and flaking. Aloe gel is still a prodigious carrier of nutrients and minerals for the scalp. This peculiar action attributes strength, volume and healthy growth of the hair strands and preserves the integrity of the bulbs in the roots.


Aloes, or aloe vera, are ancient plants that carry an endless sequence of curative particularities. Rich in vitamins, amino acids and many other active ingredients, their applications extend far beyond their topical use. A vegetable from the gods that still has a lot to say.


We feel privileged and honored to be located on this small piece of ground fortunate for the largest existing hydromineral complex, in an area of ​​environmental preservation with one of the greatest biodiversities on the planet. In this fruitful piece of land in the “Serra da Mantiqueira” our aloe vera thrive, planted by hand, in the model of traditional knowledge, far from modern production techniques.


Organic and certified by IBD (Instituto Biodinâmico), the development of the farm is refined in full respect for the region's biome, without compromising natural resources, renouncing the use of industrial fertilisers or pesticides. 


Ahoaloe's fascination and gratitude for the therapeutic properties of aloe vera is immense and profound. The vegetable queen is part of our daily lives, it is our medicine and, therefore, the protagonist of our formulations could not be different.


Equity is the standard that simbolizes our respect for life. We are not greater than any of the other kingdoms and we have no right to override any of them for our own benefit. For this reason, we don’t agree with animal cruelty in tests on cosmetics or for any other purpose.


Brutal and inefficient, the need for hideous experiments proved to be obsolete and inhumane, since the reactions observed in the animal do not always correspond to the reactions of the human organism. The existence of alternative systems, such as biological in vitro, allows the total abolition of these procedures.


Our manufacturer is listed on the list of PEA (Projeto Esperança Animal) an environmental entity that investigates companies and their ecologically correct conduct in support and alert to consumers who support the animal cause.


There’s no need to use elements of animal origin to create products that are special and effective for your body and hair. It is quite the opposite. Nature offers us, in abundance, an extraordinary repertoire of assets free from cruelty and opportunism, healthier and more affable to the environment. Our products are vegan, ensured by ingredient tracking and guided by the guidelines listed below:


1. Do not contain any animal ingredients in its composition, including: any meat such as beef, pork, lamb, fish, sea animals, birds and all other animal species; substances from parts of animals or their secretions; milk, cheese or other dairy products; substances from dairy products; eggs; substances from eggs; honey; substances from honey or bees or any other insect; carmine dye (from cochineal); casein of animal origin; glycerin of animal origin; lactose; animal leather or other animal skins or parts thereof; collagen; silk; bones; cartilages; clarifiers of animal origin; or any dye, stabilizer, preservative, emulsifier, sweetener or other ingredient that has an animal, vertebrate or invertebrate origin; During development, no animal, vertebrate or invertebrate, was used in toxicity tests or any other test or experiment;


2. During the manufacturing process, no ingredient, product or by-product of animal origin was used, even though it was absent in the finished product;


3. Do not use any type of vertebrate or invertebrate animal in toxicity tests or any other test or experimentation during the development of its ingredients, inputs and substances present in the composition and/or used in its manufacture.


The manufacturer of our products in Carrancas, Minas Gerais, participates in a social program, voted and approved by the City Council, designated to generate direct and indirect jobs, to increase the circulation of local income and to develop resources for the city.


We are always concerned with contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of our employees, providing well-being in a healthy, respectful and risk-neutral work environment for physical integrity. 


We encourage the learning and training of professionals in the initiative to narrow social inequalities, expand rights and guarantee access to services so that everyone can exercise their free citizenship. We understand the importance of the role of everyone involved in our enterprise and we are grateful for all the achievements. We recognise the effort of each step, every day, and understand that it is a fundamental part in the secrets of the excellence of our products.


Reaffirming our responsibility for the destination of our post-consumer products, we have partnered with the “Eu Reciclo” program. Adequate with the Política Nacional de Resíduos Sólidos (PNRS), the company ensures indirect reverse logistics, through compensation, of our packaging. The developed system removes from the environment the equivalent amount of material produced by us through the aid of recycling cooperatives.


This noble initiative was idealised not only to reduce the impact generated by the production of waste by industries, but also to avoid marginalisation of the agents in the recycling chain. The s”Eu Reciclo” seal expands the opportunities for waste pickers, managing and tracking company data, which guarantees the continuous volume in demand from cooperatives, strengthening their importance.


There are no significant alternatives on the world markets for the solution of the final disposal of plastic packaging, even for recyclable ones. In this sense, the work of “Eu reciclo” is memorable and an important step towards the regeneration of the planet.


In the absence of world standards, laws or regulatory guidelines for organic certifications, we bet on the transparency and seriousness of the IBD seal of natural ingredients to authenticate our products and revalidate our commitment to quality and honesty in our production.


IBD is the largest certifier in Latin America and the only national organic product with IFOAM (international market) accreditation, ISO/IEC 17065 (European market-CE regulation 834/2007), Demeter (international market), USDA / NOP (north-american market) and approved for use of the SISORG seal (Brazilian market), which makes its certificate accepted worldwide.


Our certification authenticates that: our products are free of parabens, petroleum derivatives, sulfates or any type of harmful chemical in their formulations; the organic ingredients used are carefully selected, extracted sustainably and of non-transgenic origin; none of our ingredients are animal tested; one hundred percent of our raw materials are of vegetable origin and our packaging is recyclable.



selo ibd.png

We have IBD* certification attesting that:


  • We do not use parabens, petroleum derivatives, sulphates or any kind of harmful chemical substances in our products.

  • The organic ingredients we use are carefully selected, extracted in a sustainable way and of non-transgenic origin.

  • None of our ingredients are tested on animals

  • 100% of our raw materials are of vegetable origin

  • Our packaging is recyclable

* Brazilian certifier of organic products that is accredited under IFOAM (international market), ISO/IEC 17065 (European market, rule CE 834/2007), Demeter (international market), USDA/NOP (North American market) learn more by visiting http://www.ibd.com.br

selo eu reclico.png

We contribute to the correct disposal of 100% of our packaging, making reverse logistic compensation through the Eu Reciclo program (https://eureciclo.com.br/en/).